Corrigendum-1 for board ID 2019_DARE_472199_1 Corrigendum-1 & Extension of Submission Date of E-Tender for Online Computer based Test (CBT) E-Tender for outsourcing the messengerial service Date-wise list of candidates for Viva-voce of ARS-2017 Examination i.r.o. disciplines 47, 52 & 54 Date-wise list of candidates for Viva-voce of ARS-2017 Examination i.r.o. disciplines 49, 51, 53 & 56 Summary Sheet Attestation Form Corrigendum dated 14.05.2019 Date-wise list of candidates for Viva-voce of ARS-2017 Examination Schedule for Viva-voce of ARS-2017 Examination Dr. K.K Singh and Dr P.K. Chakrabarty has been joined as Member, ASRB cancellation notice for CCTV Debarment Notice of Sh. Krishna Chitanya K Clarification regarding Notice No. 2(2)/2017-Exam.II dated 25.03.2019 NOTICE - Online CBT for Lower Division Clerk (LDC) at ICAR Headquarters Cancellation of limited tender bearing F.No. 3(6)/2017-GA dated 17th January 2019 Result Sheet of Candidates - ICAR-NET (II)-2018 Examination Submission of OBC Certificate - ARS-2017 Examination Cancellation Notice for AMC Result Sheet - Stenographer Grade-III Examination-2017 Cancellation of E-tender ID No. 2018_DARE_409522_1 regarding conduct of Online CBT Notice for candidates - ARS-2017 Examination Stenographer Grade-III Examination-2017 ICAR-National Eligibility Test (NET-II)-2018 Examination Corrigendum Notice regarding Result of Stenographer Grade-III Examination-2017 ASRB Notice Result Notice and List of recommended candidates - Stenographer Grade-III Examination-2017 Tender for engagement of manpower for clerical services on contract basis-reg. limited tender for AMC of Photocopier machine installed on the Board Open Tender for Operating and Managing of Data Centre at ASRB and Disaster Recovery Centre in IARI, New Delhi - reg. Limited tender for AMC of 01 duplo heavy duty duplicator (Model DP-U850)-reg.


Single Window facility
Central Public Information Officers of ASRB
Name of the OfficerDesignationSubject mattersTelephone No's 
Dr. Suresh Pal Chief Technical Officer All matters pertaining to Direct Recruitment of all the positions and General Administration / Finance 011-25848172 ,
Extn. 226
Sh. Ajay Gautam Under Secretary All matters pertaining to Competitive Examinations, assessment of Scientific Staff. 011-25843855
Extn. 209
Appellate Authority
Sh. J. Ravi Secretary - 011-22846730
Assistant Public Information Officers of ASRB
Name of the OfficerDesignationTelephone No's
1. Sh. Ashish Verma SO ( Gen. Admn) 25840251, 25848172
Extn. 206
2. Shri Upendra Mehta SO( Exam-I) 25848172 Extn. 201
3. Sh. Vikas Jain SO (Exam.-II) 25846166 25848172 Extn. 202
4. Vacant SO (Rectt. I) 25840916 25848172 Extn. 204
5. Sh. Anurag Arora SO (Assessment) 25840916 & Extn. 204
6. Sh. Daulat Ram SO (Rectt. II) 25843661 25848172 Extn. 205
7. Mrs Tandra
ACTO (Conf. Cell-I) ) 25843493 25848172Extn. 310
8. Sh. Lal Singh Rawat SO (Conf. Cell-II) 25843493 25848172 Extn. 234

Summary of cases processed in compliance of RTI Act, 2005 during 2017- 18

Block I (Details about the requests and appeals)
  Opening Decisions Balance as on 01.04.2017 No. of Applications received on transfer from other PAS Received during the quarter (including transferred to other PAS No. of Cases transferred to other PAS U/S 6(3) Decisions where requests/ appeals rejected Where requests/ appeals accepted
Requests 2 26 373 5 5 391
0 NA 32 NA 1 31
    Total No. of CPAIOs designated   Total No. of CPIOs
  Total No. of AAs designated
    -   2   1
Block II (Details of fees collected, penalty imposed and disciplinary action taken)
Registration Fee
collected (in Rs.) U/s
Additional Fee collected
(in Rs.) U/s 7(3)
Penalty amount recovered (in Rs.) as directed by CIC U/s 20(1) No. of cases where disciplinary action taken against any officer U/s 20(2)
Rs 2900/- Rs 966/- 0 0
Block III (Details of various provisions of section 8 while rejecting the requested
No. of times various provisions were invoked while rejecting requests
Relevant Sections of RTI Act, 2005
Section 8(1) Other Sections
(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (i) (j) (9) (11) (24) Other
- - -  1 5 - - - - 20       7
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